Million dollar question, who are we? What are we about?

From The Beginning

I am a mother to three very amazing boys. And like most mothers’ they are my world. I have had a lifetime of struggles, lessons I have had to learn. It was nothing I was ever able to handle because my family brushed it under the rug.

For me, I wanted to do better, I wanted to be better. I wanted to break the cycle and start something new for my boys. A better more open way of life. Being able to face our differences and not hide what makes us who we are.

The Ways of Us

I could say a million times that we are different, it still never feels right. It will never feel right and the reason for that is, I feel alone as a parent. That is why this in and of itself if why I have this blog. I have it as a place to open up. Therefore, being there for everyone else, and being able to give an escape.

I will always be open to topics, and if you need to talk in a private I am available. No family topics off limits.

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