It can be really hard when things hit home. And this is no exception. Not long ago, I had to explain to a few people; mind you, for my own safety, the dream that could have ended it all.

Dreams Aren’t Real

Oh, but they really are. And this dream was so real that it has taken a huge toll on not only me but the kids and everyone around me. I am different, I am not the same person from a week or two ago. I wanted to run because things got tough. So much so, I almost did.

It has not been fair to anyone the way I have been handling things. My kids are acting out which seems to turn into a damn domino effect when I have something going on. And let’s not forget the other two children I did not give birth to that keep feeding into what is going on and end up making it worse.

How Do I Explain Myself?

How do I explain myself? I haven’t yet. And I have noticed it is having a really bad effect on everyone around me, no matter what I try and do. But I am seriously only worried about the kids at this point. How do I tell them about this dream? Is seventeen, fifteen, and ten too young to tell? Do they really need to know?

I don’t believe they do need to know. They are all a very special breed, and with that being said, all of these thoughts shouldn’t even be in my head. But because I am a special breed as well, they are there. I’m sure at this point, y’all are thinking this chick is crazy….well I promise you I am just a little bit, but I know my limits.

Again, if you want to know more about the dream, click the link. And feel free to fire off in either of the comments sections. I will get back at ya if you do.

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