So my amazing friend loves her Posh products so much, she shares it with all of us. And she is always quick to give all of her poshlings samples of every seasonal release and keeps us to date with all that is new in the Poshiverse. For this Core release, she asked that we write an honest review of the new product and tag her. Well, I figured why not make it a post worth reading.

Gender Bender Body Scrub

The Gender Bender scent has always been one of my favorites. The soap was nice, then I fell in love with the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream. Now for the body scrub…It smells just as good as the BFYHC, and the exfoliating quality is amazing. It is not too harsh on the skin, but it still works well enough to give you fresh feeling brand new skin. It really makes you “love the skin you’re in”.

Sassyooma So Soapy!

One of my favorite “girly” scents. I am not too fond of the fact that you smell more of the soap than the Sassyooma, but the use of it is so amazing. It doesn’t dry my skin out at all, and I love how my skin feels.

Right Back At Ya

This is one that I really need to order more of because I have mixed feelings on it. Do I use it daily? I can, and it won’t mess up my face. Or do I just use it weekly as a mask? I have sensitive skin, and it is gentle enough for whichever I decide. It has a very relaxing mellow scent, and very easy to use.

Mad For Magnesium:

I am in love with this scent, and I really hope they expand the line. It is perfect for stress. The scent in itself is relaxing, and the fact that it helps to relax the muscles. The only pitfall I see is the fact that my skin feels super dried out. But I will take that for the overwhelming benefits.

**Bonus #1: Jungle Juice

This line of soaps has always lacked continued or lasting scents. But overall, still a great smell.

**Bonus #2: Hunk Chunk is BACKKKKKKK!!!!!

I was so sad when they retired this. And when I was told it was coming back, I couldn’t be happier. Ordering was simply a no brainer. Now since the chunk is back, I can’t wait to see if they put a Hunk Chunk BFYHC in the works. That would be amazing!!!

***Be sure to check the site for exact release information on each of the new products**

I would recommend Posh to anyone. They are one of the only companies that I trust is as natural as humanly possible. And they keep people working that may otherwise not be able to.

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