So it has been a very interesting start to a long Fall Break.

Vacation At Last

Yes, the first full week of school off for the year. One down and two to go. Anyway, this weekend happened to mark Mama C’s big 6-0. And it was crazy fun. The last thing that anyone expected was for her to want to go to Monster Jam of all places to celebrate.

In my opinion though, it was less about actually going, and more about seeing the boys have a blast. Which even with it being the forth for the older two boys, and kinda the second for the littlest, they still acted like it was the first time. Aside from that, a lot has changed.

Time Flies

The last time we went was about six and a half years ago, I was nine months pregnant with the smallest of the clan, and it was really fun. Lots of excitement, really done for the fans. It was not so exciting and for the fans this time, and that was a real bummer because mama had never been, so that was not the experience we wanted her to have. But at least the boys had fun. And we got some time out of the house which hasn’t been happening as often as we need it.

Perks Are Always Good

The perk though, is lots of goodies to take home. And a great night of memories and smiles and things the kids will always be able to have with them. Now I know how Mama C meant by cherish the moments.

Give them the chances they may not otherwise get. Break the rules every so often. It never hurt anyone. I am learning so much more at thirty three than I ever did in school. And even with everything that I have gone through and and dealt with, I would not give it up for anything in the world.

Again, Happy Birthday Mama!

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