When you think co-parenting sometimes you think well this will be easy because you have an ex-spouse that’s just the sweetest thing then you can also think at the same time oh I’m in hell because your ex spouse or the parent of your child it’s just absolutely horrible to get along with

First things first

You always have to establish boundaries no matter how sweet the co-parent might be because there is always going to be some kind of issues May It Be the attitudes because of stuff that happened in the past may it be the fact that you know they just don’t like you so they want to be jerks about it there’s a lot of things that can happen no matter how you do it so you need to set those boundaries

Down trees can definitely be hard but if you set simple easily ascertained ones it’ll be easier for you to get along it’ll be easier for you to say no this is a boundary and usually co-parenting with those boundaries is a cakewalk

When the court get involved

You know getting the courts involved can always be a pain in the ass but sometimes it’s worth it and given that you having those boundaries and not having a major problem will make Court a lot easier and it’ll be easier to walk in with an agreement if you don’t have an agreement then that you may end up doing some form of mediation which can also be a big pain.

Courts, although meant to help can be more pain than they are worth. But I promise it will help in the end. And even though most have an agreement, it is still good to have a law binding order to fall back on. For me it is an issue that we will normally go three or so months without issues and then bam! Someone gets bent and we have to go back to the order for a while.

When will it change?

It is not likely to change if a co parent is causing problems. But you will get to the point, you will find your groove and be able to stay in it. And you will never not co parent unless the poor sob is dead.

As harsh as that sounds, it’s the truth. You may have circumstances in which you did not make the choice but in most cases you did. Good or bad, it’s not your child’s fault don’t make it theirs. 

Last but not least

Much of this comes very harsh to many. But in my years of dealing with it, its the truth. I promise. 

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