Honestly, where does one start? How do you get everything out of your head and make sense of it?

Slow And Steady

In a situation where you may feel helpless or hopeless, it can be hard to feel in control again. Although it can be difficult, you are not alone and there is help.

When you do get to this point though, you need to stop and take a look around. Brain dump it all! Start by getting a pen and paper and write everything down, until you either feel like you are empty or more relaxed. Don’t worry about anything making sense at this point.

Building Blocks

Just when you thought you were too old for building block! The next step to this is separating things (like a mental set of building blocks). In order to do that with some ease, you need to figure out what category everything should be in.

Once that takes place, you can then go category by category and really get into details. By doing this, it will help to get some of the crazy thoughts in order making it easier for you to work on.

This Is How We Do It

Lists can be a lifesaver! But doing the footwork is what will bring all of this into perspective. Letting go of the chaos that once had control, you will be more productive, less stressed and happier.

Baby steps are always the key to being able to clear the thoughts and bad vibes. Once you have all of your brain dump in categories, you will want to prioritize them. What is most important to you? And yes this is a very important question to be truthful on.

Nope! Still Not Superwoman

It is okay for you to not be Superwoman. Just like it is okay for you to ask for help when you need it. You have to take the time to take care of yourself and make sure you are not giving too much of yourself.

If you have the “superperson” complex, you will only be hurting yourself. You have to take the time to sort things out and for it to all fall back into place. And believe me, the work is not easy at all. Make lists, check things off, don’t be afraid to hand tasks off to people who are there and able to help.

Final Words

Review the four steps, anytime you start to feel overwhelmed and it should help improve the situation.

Step One: Write it all down

Step Two: Categorized the thoughts on the paper

Step Three: Review all of the lists

Step Four: Baby steps, start with a small quick task to cover and then work your way up.


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