There is so much when it comes to balancing things such as school and work. Especially when it comes to special needs children. Sometimes, we can really take things for granted,even things as simple as going to work.


You, like many other parents, wonder “How can I keep my kid busy, especially if I am in the office?”. Well, I have an answer or two for you. Being in an office setting most of the day, it really can be hard for us to be able to call on the kids to go outside and play. I know for my office, it really doesn’t have any area for outdoor play.

So yeah, we do resort to using the electronic babysitter while we work. Videogames and phones and become my best friend on the days I am super busy. I can still control their usage, but not have to worry about them getting into trouble. Other good things can include bonus school work(to keep them from losing the information they have learned throughout the previous year.), or reading books.


There are also special activities that will help keep them busy. For us, that is VBS. Vacation Bible School for those who don’t know what it means. 

I know what y’all are thinkin’ at this point. “But Lucky, that just ain’t you!” And you are totally right. But it has been the one constant thing in the gang’s life over the last eleven years, so I make it a point to allow them to learn how they choose. And even if you don’t agree, it takes less effort to let them learn the way they want than to fight them to learn the way you want.


I know, I know, stop laughing! It really is possible for a parent to have a child or children in the office with them and stay focused. It just takes practice.

Biggest thing, you have to set and keep boundaries. I know that can be a tough one, but trust me, you and your boss will both be grateful. Because these boundaries will help keep you productive, the boss happy and the kids not thinking they can walk all over you. Making sure they have plenty to stay busy with is also another piece to the puzzle, because if they stay busy, then the mind will have no time to wander. 

As far as work itself, if you are anything like me, you have to make lists and have the ability to check things off. Well…my job is not a straight to do list, but I am able to make it work. Having a great work family helps too. It gives me a chance not to be stuck elbows deep in work all day. Laughing is also very important when it comes to being able to stay focused on the job.

Yeah I know, y’all think I am so full of myself with this one, but it is true. Having the chance to break the office stigma is a great way to realign focus, especially if you start to struggle. You are literally giving your body an exit for the stale feelings that have built up throughout the day.


That is a post all its own(for real). Meltdowns are not easy to handle at all. Especially in an office setting. A few keys to keeping it from getting to that point is to keep a calm tone. Believe it or not, tone can set the whole situation.

And above all else, you really do have to listen. Someone, whether it be a child or an adult, who feels like they are being heard, are less likely to explode. Don’t believe me? Keep an eye out for the Mega Meltdowns article to drop.

A way of keeping control is offering rewards for good behavior. So if little Johnny behaves for the day, he might be able to pick dinner for the night. Or if Suzy is at her best during the week, maybe she gets to pick a fun activity for the family that weekend. The possibilities are not only endless, but they also depend on what your family situation is.

Some parents make all of this look like a cake walk, and others…..well, I am others. I barely hold it together some days. But it is all about finding out what works best for you. Don’t be ashamed or afraid because your day to day doesn’t look like little holly homemaker or working hard wilma’s. It takes time, practice, trial and error as well as a damn strong village to help pick you up when you fall down.

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