There are so many parenting myths that people really believe and shouldn’t. Here are our top three.

#1 Kids Are All The Same

Kids actually aren’t all the same. Yeah yeah, don’t have a “No shit Sherlock” moment just yet. You would be amazed at how many parents attempt to treat ALL of their children the same. You can’t do that!!! Even if they are twins, triples, etc. They all have different personalities, therefore they have different ways they need to be taught and treated.

#2 You Can’t Break Generational Curses

Generational curses can be the worst! Feeling as if you have to parent the same way your parents did, is a huge one. First of all, the world in which they parented us, no longer exists. And secondly, the parenting style they used on you, may not be a great fit for your children. Therefore with simple changes and mindful parenting, you are able to break these curses.

#3 Age Matters

Age never has and never should be a factor. Because your children will always need you. They will need the love you showed them as a baby, all the way through life. And trust me, just like children should never take their parents for granted, it truly goes both ways. This is something I really wish I had listened to over the last few years because I did take my father for granted just like he took me for granted, and before I knew it, he was gone and I was left with so much heartbreak.

Hug your babies tight and make sure they know they are loved through it all, even when life happens. And don’t believe all the parenting myths you may hear.

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