This is not the tale of the seven dwarfs. This serves as a reminder, everyone hopes to find their prince(ss) charming.

Once Upon A Time

Everyone dreams of the fairy tale, the ideal relationship. It’s rare to find though. Most start out just as a romantic movie yet quickly shifts into a nightmare, others can slowly decline over the years. The beginning’s what we aptly call the honeymoon phase.

Honeymoon, If You’d Please

In the beginning, dating always seems to be flawless. The man showing loving, thoughtful actions on a near-daily basis. Every effort made to show love was in the air. Even if it’s a fancy night on the town or just a quiet night at home, the date always becomes a massive deal. There have also been numerous relationships where the honeymoon phase has lasted much into the marriage. When it finally comes to a conclusion, it consequently can turn into a nightmare.

Under Wraps

Sadly, the beginning stages of the nightmare may be the hardest. In other words, this phase is where a large amount witness a majority of the pain and suffering. Especially with women, conditions tend to stay under wraps, considering, nobody wants anyone to know they are in trouble. This ultimately is the phase in which the (in nearly all cases) woman not only does everything she can to appear as if her relationship is pleasant but also allows her sub conscience to believe the lies.

Living In Hell

Although, from the outside looking in, a vast majority will not notice the hell a woman lives with on a daily basis, therefore, they are unable to fully comprehend what she is going through. Consequently, not being capable of understanding the extent of what she is going through, nearly everyone will just write it off. Those who have been a part of their own living hell, tend to have a silent understanding of what is going on, but still, tend to ignore it as if it doesn’t exist.

Enough Is Enough

When a woman is to the point she wants to leave, there is no turning back. But not all women reach that point. Sadly, there are women who either can’t break the cycle, or forgive his actions one too many times and pay the ultimate price for it. Those who do make it out, it can take years for them to make it. And it is not a case of not fearing enough, or not truly wanting to leave, it is normally a case of making sure it is at the right time, for her safety. Don’t ever give up on a woman who is trying to escape.


At last! The chilling, yet relaxing freedom of breaking the cycle. It will take time to adjust to the new environment, and it will be difficult for people who have not been in this type of situation to understand, conditions will not be right where you want them in the blink of an eye. It will take time to heal, time to settle in, time to learn to love yourself again.

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