This is one of those posts that really hit home. It is about things that I have noticed about not only myself but people around me as well. We focus so much on what the public thinks that we really do lose sight of ourselves. So penny for your thoughts, please.

Demons Appear

I fight each and every day to feel better about myself as a whole. Not just the physical, but the mental and emotional too. I have had issues with my weight all my life. Too heavy, too skinny, not wanting to eat, stress eating, I just can’t seem to get it right and keep it right. Add that to the oral issues I have dealt with, such as having what they call buck teeth.

It was super hard, especially in school. Kids, even now, are jerks. I had to live every single day being bullied and teased. Even now, I still have issues when it comes to my teeth. I will rarely smile showing full teeth because it is still something that is super hard for me. I still feel like that is the only thing that anyone is looking at when I smile is my jacked-up teeth sticking out and my lower jaw that apparently didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t done growing.

So Many Reasons

Back to the weight issues. I have had moments when I looked like I was totally strung out on all kinds of drugs. And then I have also had those times that I felt like the Pillsbury doughboy. And even when I get to the point I am comfortable in my weight, some jerk has to come along and mess it all up.

I get that everyone is going to have some kind of belly rolls when they bend over or sit down, but for someone to be so rude(and mind you this was on Christmas a few years back) and call you fat, that just makes it so much worse. All of this because I didn’t look like a model?!?! UGH! This is one of the biggest issues we have right now. And anyone that tells another person how they should look, SUCKS! You have no clue what happens behind closed doors. Shut it and mind your own!

Emotions Suck

Now here is the emotional penny for your thoughts. With all of the physical issues that most people have, that is enough to send you to the loony bin. But what added mental and emotional issues could be there? I will tell you because our body is so connected to itself, any little thing can become mental or emotional stress. And most people just brush it off.

But down the line, it’s “Oh well I am feeling kind of feverish. I feel like I may have the flu. I feel like I am going to be sick.” And all of that could very well be caused by out-of-control emotional or mental status. Have you ever taken the time to step out of yourself when you are feeling ill? Bet not! I used to be the same way. I never thought to check in with my feeling or make sure that I was in a good frame of mind. It was always like my brain was out of order.

Years In The Making

It took me years to make the penny for your thoughts connect, and there are still days that not only do I fail myself, but I fail my body too. Even after all of these years, I still forget, and I still second guess. I go back to my old ways of thinking and it snowballs. And when it snowballs, I feel like I am dying. But more than half of the time, when I have any kind of mental or emotional breakdown, I can now feel it coming and catch it, or it hits me and then I hit back.

I am finally to where I am able to kind of rewire my brain and have it work how it needs to. I check in with myself often, I do this blog, I also hold myself accountable when I allow myself to become this raging jerk that can be really mean. But no matter what people tell you, there is no time limit or any restrictions on self-care. May that be physical, mental, or emotional. You know you better than anyone else and you know what you need. Don’t fight yourself or talk yourself into staying put. Expand your mind and emotions, learn from them, know them.

Do What You Can

To close this one on a good helpful note, I challenge all of you who read this to do this list at least once a day. And if you really want to make it interesting, either come back to this post in a week and comment on the good the bad and the ugly from this or join our group on Facebook and post about it.

**Tell yourself that you are worth it

**Smile at a random person(ya never know what kind of day they had)

**At least ten minutes to do some kind of self-care. Read a book? Take a bath? Write in a journal? Just a few to help get the party jumpin’

I will put together a new post at the end of February of all the ideas that come in. So don’t forget to give me your “penny for your thoughts” moments.

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