I have always been a huge fan and supporter of those in service. May it be police, military, down to medical personnel.

Not So Easy

Most of you don’t know, my hubs has been in the hospital for almost a week now and this is a big part of why this post is coming to life. I am writing it as I am in his hospital room, just thinking about everything that has been going on and how much we have been through just before Christmas. And the biggest thought that comes to mind is “This is not right. I’m the one that is supposed to be in the hospital bed, not him.” But it just isn’t the case this time. 

There are three major companies that own the hospitals in our area. Banner, Dignity, and Abrazo (yes in order of personal preference). I have had my fair share of interaction with all of them as well. And by far, Banner has always treated not only myself but my family wonderfully. Dignity has done right by us. Abrazo, well we will just leave them out of this for now.

Hospitals are a scary thing, to begin with, but if you have bad nursing staff, it makes it ten million times worse. With my hubs being in the hospital, this is something that is new to us, because I am the one normally in the bed not him. So given that, it was a hard thing to deal with from the gate. But we have gotten through worse.

Where It All Began

Our journey started over at the Indian Medical Center (which overall I have no issues with, but this time they seemed really snappy). We ended up at the Emergency Department and spent a good six to eight hours there. I could not wait to get out. Due to the issues that were going on, the IMC was unable to care for Matt, so they had to transfer him to a Banner location, where they had a bed and they would be able to care for him. So first thought that popped in my head was, “Great, this is not going to end well at all.” But I really was wrong on that. Banner has some of the best nurses on staff that I have been around. They take serious care of not only the patient but the family as well.

First, the wonderful nurse we made contact with was Gayle. She had a mothering instinct right off the top, and she knew just what to do and say(truthfully) to help ease the stress, fear, and anxiety. She also had her Nurses Aide Stephanie that was there to help with everything that we needed. That is something that made it easier for me to leave that night when I didn’t want to go anywhere but I had to get home.

Not An Easy Pill

Day shift…that was a bit harder to swallow. The first day that Matt was there, the day shift nurse wasn’t exactly the nicest nor the most helpful. She was being very rude not only to Matt but to myself and Matt’s mom & brother. I was actually kind of thankful I didn’t go back up that night. I don’t care if you are having a bad day, you do not bring that to the bedside with you. You have to put it aside, or if it is too much, you need to make sure to take a break or to take the day off. I get it, life happens, but don’t take it out on people that have nothing to do with it.

So the next day, I kind of scared the new day shift. I asked to speak with the charge nurse(obviously to discuss the day before, but they had no clue. Sorry Tatiana). After reporting the issues, I felt better. It was amazing how well the staff handled it. And it shocked both Matt and me that Tatiana had heard what happened and the staff turned around and got us a little gift from the gift shop to say how sorry they were that we went through a bad shift. And this is one of many things that made that bad shift better.

Credit Where It’s Due

I cannot give enough credit where it is due. Without selfless people like Gayle and Tatiana, having to deal with being in the hospital would be horrible. I think that anyone(and I mean ANYONE) that is in any kind of service role, deserves to be recognized. Thank you for all that you do, and the time and energy you put into your work. Thank you for treating us like family even though you had just met us. I do not want to even try to imagine our situation without people like you.

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