Why do people always push for the whole New Year New you? I hate people saying that you need to better yourself simply because its a new year.

Be Who You Are

If you are an asshole, be an asshole. If you are a push over….well maybe that one you should look at changing. I was that person, so gung ho about resolutions and making goals for the new year…..and I am right there with them when they fall flat on their faces.

Lessons Not Excuses

A very wise man spoke of the importance of allowing lessons of things past to be learned, but not used as a crutch. And for the longest time, I was so afraid of failing that I never made a full effort in most of what I did. I would always allow myself to get sidetracked, distracted, or tell myself that things are more of a priority than making myself a priority. Not this year though. This year has to be the #yearofyou the year you put all excuses and bull aside and make it the best year yet.


You have to put yourself as a priority and that is something I learned the hard way in 2017. Although I had my good days, during my bad days I would hide in the closet or car in tears. Having moments I was on top of the world and days I just wanted to hide in a cave. The biggest lesson that I learned this year was that I HAVE to make myself priority number one. Especially if I want to be of any kind of help or good to anyone else. This entire time that I have dealt with this, I always thought I was doing it right by making sure that everyone else was taken care of first. Always feeling guilty any time I would do anything for myself.

Not this time, not this year. I will make sure that I have time for me. Whatever that may be. This is the year of you. Meaning you do what you need to for you. Flip the script, do something new, take a chance, do something you normally wouldn’t. Make it a great year. Take the trash out, start new. Make this the year for you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And make 2018 what you want it to be.

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