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Getting bad news, any kind of bad news can be a huge blow to most people. In my situation, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What Is The Issue?

For me, I noticed I was having a ton of unexplainable pain. I went to all sorts of specialists to find out what the issue was. In other words, I went, they did a large amount of testing, including multiple blood tests and X-rays. However, all of the tests came back within normal ranges.

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After that, I stopped going to the doctors and tried handling it myself. And as you all may have assumed, handling it on my own did not work for shit. In addition to medication, diet and exercise were supposed to help, but it did not. So I gave up altogether. I was done having doctors tell me they didn’t see anything wrong with me.

What Happened Next

In the years to follow, it became harder to function. So I went back to the doctor to find out what was going on. Like I had already been prepared for, the doctor sent me to yet ANOTHER specialist. I figured it would be my dumb luck, this doctor would tell me the same thing. “There is nothing wrong with you.”

I was so wrong though. This doctor actually told me what I could be dealing with. He also promised me he would do everything he could to find out what the problem is. He gave me some reading to do, but the kicker, he had to run a ton of tests again. In that moment of defeat, I gave in and agreed to do the tests.

Testing, Testing…

I expected the doctor to request a ton of test. However, it was a one vial blood test and a series of three x-rays. With the extremely quick turn around on all of these tests, I was able to get back into the doctor early. I was not at all expecting what came next.

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The Results Are In

When the doctor began reading the results, I will admit, I freaked. The first thought I had was “here we go again. He couldn’t find anything and is just going to push me off on a different doctor.” I am so glad I was wrong.

Although all of my tests came back within normal limits, the doctor told me he was diagnosing me with Fibromyalgia. Fibromy what?! Although I had read the information, it still hit me like a kick in the chest. For the rest of my life, I will have to manage my symptoms.

After The Fact

I have had time to think on this whole fucked up situation, and even though I feel I don’t have the kind of support I should, I know I will be just fine. I have Self Care options and plenty of places to reset my head. Life will not get me down!

Have any self-care or support tips, drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia: A Woman’s Painful Prospective

  1. Glad you were finally able to find a doctor that truly cared and got down to the root of it for you. I’m about to go look it up I know I’ve heard many people living with it. I’m very much like you, I gave up on going to the doctors. I waited a year to finally schedule to see a neurologist and I see him next week. Hoping he can tell me something, I know something is wrong. I think that is the hardest thing when we see so many doctors because we are in pain and yes sometimes we don’t show it because we’ve learned to manage the pain. We just want to hear they know what it is not that they don’t see anything.

    Is there anything you can take for it? Or is this one of those things you just have to suck up when it comes to pain?

    1. luckyhula says:

      There are medications to ease the pain, but nothing will fully cure the symptoms. And it is a hard balance to find because the medication is to help dull down the pain receptors so the body doesn’t think EVERYTHING is pain. Would love to know how the doctor goes for you and if there is any topics I can cover to help you out.

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