Well, I will be your hostess for most of this. LOL. Seriously though, I have been writing for over twenty years. I started in high school and have, in my opinion, just gotten better over the years. I also have the joy of gaming, especially when it is being used for stress relief. But I don’t always have time to do it.

The Gang

I also have three semi-mini me’s. And being typical boys, they follow right in step with the love and passion of gaming and writing. But they sure can be a pain in the backside when it comes to playing and thinking they know better than I do.

So with the gang, I do have my hands full, but I love life and wouldn’t change it for the world.

What We Do

As a writer and a mother, I pride myself on my ability to stay organized and get things done. With those skills, I have been able to master certain aspects of being a VA and now offer services to fit most everyone’s needs. For the entire list of available services, please look on our For Hire page.

Affiliates And Other Cool Stuff

On this blog, we love to help small businesses as well as the community as a whole. From time to time, you will find helpful things on this page. It includes links to sites I support, things that may be hard to find, or other things that might be interesting to see. Feel free to visit the Affiliates page for more information.


We have made contacting us super easy. You can either contact us on our Facebook page, Twitter, email, or through our Contact Us page.