I am always looking for a new scent or smell. I was asked by my dear friend, Ashley to try a new one from her company, Pure Romance and give my honest feedback. Here it is.

The Look

Dirty French has a look all its own, which is a good complement to the smell. It is in a sleek black box, stunning. The box opens like a blooming flower. The color combination is perfect, black and pink. Once the box is open, it is a slender black bottle. Pure Romance decided to put a black sheer (almost like a mini tutu) around the neck. Yes, it is removable, but a perfect addition nonetheless. Now as for the lid itself, someone had a flashback to the ’80s with a clear top covered in black lipstick style kiss marks. Overall, very appealing.

Just opened the box!

The Smell

In my opinion, the smell of Dirty French is everything I could ask for. In addition to the traditional soft scents of wild orchid and juicy blackberries, there is a hint of masculinity with the Vanilla Musk. Therefore, it is a perfect balance for any body chemistry. It will provide you with the feeling of being a forbidden item. Anyone who touches you will be affected.


Mixed Feelings

I do have mixed feelings on a few things with Dirty French though. For the cost, I would love to have the smell last a bit longer. Eau de Perfume/(Parfum) is, in fact, one of the higher tiers on the scent ladder, but not quite the top. But either way, you add it up, a new scent can, in fact, make you feel like a million dollars, and be a simple self-care act.

If you are interested in buying Dirty French, you can either go to the website or contact Ashley directly.

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